Example Applications

Translations of this page:

There are some fully functional example applications for JVx. They are hosted on different servers and locations. It's easier to find the right location with the following listing:

In addition to the example projects, we have more projects that might help you:

  • JVx Storages (Storage for e.g MS Exchange Access)
    Download, Project page

  • AESStorageExport (Storage for CSV Export as encrypted ZIP archive)
    Project page

  • DropboxStorage (Storage for accessing Dropbox files/folders)
    Project page

  • vert.x (Connection implementation for vert.x)
    Project page

  • react UI (UI implementation with react)
    Project page

  • react UI example (example application for react UI)
    Project page

  • flutter UI (UI implementation with flutter)
    Project page

  • flutter UI example (example application for flutter UI)
    Project page

An overview of all repositories:

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