Trace: Video converter


Video converter

With VisionX 5.6 and later it's already possible to create screen recordings without additional tools. Simply press SHIFT + ALT (win, linux) or SHIFT + OPTION (mac). The built-in recorder creates AVI videos encoded with Techsmith Screen Capture Codec.

The files can't be played with Windows Media Player or Quicktime. For windows, it's good enough if you install the codec from above site, but MacOS won't work. Simply use a 3rd party tool like VLC or Elmedia Player.

But there's also another option. There's a small utility available which can convert recorded videos. Simply download Video Converter and extract the zip in your VisionX' lib folder. The archive contains binaries for different operating systems. You can delete all jar files which don't match your environment, but this is optional. If video converter is available, VisionX will automatically convert - created - recordings. The converted files are stored in the sub folder converted in your recordings directory.

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