Deployment: mod_proxy

Usually, a JVx application will be installed on a Java application server like Tomcat, Wildfly, etc. This will be good enough for small and simple scenarios but Enterprise installations are behind a load balanced web server like Apache http server, nginx, etc.

We'll show you a simple configuration option for Apache http server with mod_proxy:

Assume the application is avaiable under http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/

In order to use an Apache http server in front of Apache Tomcat, simple add following to the config file of Apache http server:

ProxyPass /webapp/PUSH ws://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/PUSH
ProxyPassReverse /webapp/PUSH ws://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/PUSH
ProxyPass /webapp http://localhost:8080/webapp timeout=300
ProxyPassReverse /webapp http://localhost:8080/webapp timeout=300

The application will be available under

If you plan to use the application in the root of your domain, e.g.

You'll need a different configuration:

ProxyPassReverseCookiePath /webapp /
ProxyPass /APP http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/APP
ProxyPassReverse /APP http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/APP
ProxyPass /PUSH ws://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/PUSH
ProxyPassReverse /PUSH ws://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/PUSH
ProxyPass /VAADIN http://localhost:8080/webapp/VAADIN timeout=300
ProxyPassReverse /VAADIN http://localhost:8080/webapp/VAADIN timeout=300
ProxyPass /UIDL http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/UIDL timeout=300
ProxyPassReverse /UIDL http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui/UIDL timeout=300
ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui timeout=300
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080/webapp/web/ui timeout=300
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