Ignore Navigation for Specific Screens

It's super easy to enable standard Browser navigation for an application. Simply set the application parameter


to true.

If navigation is enabled, it's possible to use the browser buttons, Back and Forward, to navigate between your screens. But sometimes, you don't want navigation for specific screens, e.g. open a screen as modal “popup”. The modal popup is just a detail of another screen and not a real navigation target.

It's possible to disable navigation for screens. You have different options:

  • Implement the interface com.sibvisions.apps.vaadin.IIgnoreNavigation in your workscreen class
    (best option for base workscreen classes)
  • Add the annotation com.sibvisions.apps.vaadin.IgnoreNavigation to your workscreen class
    (good for specific workscreen classes)
  • Set the parameter #IGNORENAVIGATION, e.g.
    HashMap<String, Object> mpParams = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    mpParams.put("#IGNORENAVIGATION", Boolean.TRUE);
    getApplication().openWorkScreen(StatusWorkScreen.class.getName(), Modality.Modal, mpParams);

    (good for on-demand workscreens)

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