Using XmlSecurityManager

If you're using a DBSecurityManager, you know that it authenticates users against a database. In some cases, you don't have a database, and you must authenticate with a XML file or a third-party product.

If you want to authenticate with an XML file, it's quite simple because JVx has a standard implementation for this case. It's very easy to configure a XmlSecurityManager:

Add the following to your config.xml:


Your users.xml should be stored in the same directory as your config.xml. Alternatively, you could define the full qualified path. The user file should contain the list of valid users:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">
  <user name="admin" password="admin"/>
  <user name="user" password="user"/>

With the above configuration, an application user will be authenticated against an XML file.

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