En-/Disable REST Services

JVx REST services offer access to application functionality out of the box. It also contains some administrative services that are not included in your application. If you won't use these services, or won't use specific services, it's possible disable all or specific services.

The administration services are available per default.

You have following options:

In your deployment descriptor (web.xml), use init parameters:

<!-- Disables admin service feature in general -->
<!-- Disables all default admin services and uses only registered admin services -->
<!-- Disables a specific admin service by NAME. -->
<!-- Global setting: disable options service for storages. The storage service won't return metadata in this case. -->

It's also possible to disable all default admin services and enable single services by name. In any case, admin services have to be available. If not available, it's not possible to en-/disable a service.

The default service names are:

  • checkDB
  • changePassword
  • testAuthentication

The StorageService itself has another option to configure REST services. It's possible to use a configuration object like this:

dbs = new DBStorage();
//Additional configuration for REST
StorageServiceConfig cfg = new StorageServiceConfig();
//Disable DELETE 
cfg.setOptionEnabled(Option.Delete, false);
//Disable OPTIONS (= MetaData)
cfg.setOptionEnabled(Option.MetaData, false);
dbs.putObject(StorageServiceConfig.class.getName(), cfg);
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