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How can I help?

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If you would like to help the JVx Community, you first have to decide where you want to contribute. You can help in various areas, such as writing documentation, translating information, creating press reports, planning events, developing sample applications, or further developing JVx

Depending on the topic, there are various processes and rules that facilitate collaboration between members. These rules are developed within the community and have to be respected by each member.

Rules of Conduct

These rules apply to your behavior within the JVx Community when dealing with forums, mailing lists, blogs, bug trackers or community events.

  • Be helpful

    Support new members of the JVx Community with any problems they may have and speak openly about your ideas with other members. We want to collaborate closely to avoid unnecessary work and to improve the quality of our work.

  • Be respectful

    We may not always have the same opinion, but that is no excuse for misbehavior. Things will not always run smoothly; we are all human and make mistakes. However, a bad mood should never result in personal attacks. Nobody is comfortable in an aggressive environment. Since our performance heavily depends on our work environment, we should always focus on collaboration.

  • Be considerate

    We are all working on JVx together, and every decision can have an impact on other members. We therefore always have to consider the impact of our decisions on others.

  • Ask Questions

    Nobody is perfect and knows everything. Asking questions early on in the process can help avoid problems, therefore questions are strongly encouraged. However, please always select the right forum or the right mailing list and check to see if a question has already been asked. A question should always be answered in a constructive manner.

Where can I get help?

Your primary point of contact for questions is the Forum.

Bugs are recorded in the Support System.

The Source Code

If you want to contribute to the development of JVx, the source code repository is the first place to go. The repositories are hosted on SourceForge and can be checked out using the following SVN command:

svn checkout jvx

The repository contains all the required source and project files. The project files can be opened using Eclipse.

Libraries are created using ANT Buildfiles. These are contained in the respective projects.

Contributing Source Code

The Enterprise Application Framework - JVx - is an open source framework. Thus any developer can participate and integrate unique features. But before you launch your favorite IDE and start developing new features, please first consider the rules for collaboration. These rules ensure that high quality standards are met. In addition, a Contributor License Agreement is required so that your code can be integrated in JVx Code without reservations.

Code Style

A standardized code style ensures that the source code can be read and interpreted by all developers in the same way. However, we obviously do not want to put more effort in formatting the source code than in the actual development. We therefore use various tools for the “boring” parts so that we can focus on the more challenging tasks.

Style requirements and tools vary with programming language and project: Java Style, C# Style, Objective-C Style

Submitting Code

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution!
The following steps are required for the submission of code:

  1. Code always has to be submitted via a ticket in the Support System. If no ticket exists, a new one has to be created. Each ticket represents a self-contained change or extension.
  2. If an existing ticket is edited, coordination between the respective members is required
  3. The source code style has to be considered
  4. Unit tests have to be conducted
  5. A Contributor License Agreement is required
  6. The source code is saved directly on the ticket, with clear documentation

How do I become a JVx Committer?

If you are familiar with JVx’s mechanisms and have already successfully contributed a piece of code or two, you can become an official JVx Committer. Of course you first have to prove yourself worthy by following the rules mentioned above.

Contributor License Agreements (CLA)

We require a Contributor License Agreement before we can integrate your source code in JVx. This protects your rights as well as ours.

Contributor License Agreement (Individual)
Contributor License Agreement (Corporate)

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