Trace: Using ServerContext


Using ServerContext

The ServerContext is a special context for server-side objects. If you create your own plugins or extend the server, session manager, object provider or a server class, it can useful to have access to the affected session. The ServerContext will be created before the SessionContext and it exists during the whole server-side execution of a call.

The ServerContext has few methods:

protected abstract void destroy();
public abstract ISession getSession();
public abstract String getSystemIdentifier();
public abstract String getServerIdentifier();
public abstract ICallHandler getCallHandler();

You shouldn't call destroy because it makes the context unusable.

The system identifier is a unique identifier for the server environment. It depends on the deployment mode, e.g., a desktop application will return the working directory as system identifier. If you deploy the server on an application server, the context URL will be used as system identifier.

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