Trace: Using Styles


Using Styles

It's possible to set style information on components. A style information is an additional attribute for the look and feel. Each UI implementation has a different mechanism to use style information. A web UI implementation could set the class attribute (CSS).

Using Styles

Setting a new style:

UILabel label = new UILabel("Welcome JVx");
label.setStyle(new Style("l_header", "l_welcome"));

All existing style information will be replaced.

Adding style to existing style information:

UIButton butReload = new UIButton("Reload");
Style.addStyleNames(butReload, "optionbutton", "reload");

The style information will be added to the existing style information, if available.

The javax.ra.ui.Style class is immutable, and updating style information is only possible via static method calls.


A short styling example is available in the following blog post: VisionX, JVx and native Vaadin

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