Automatic Open Cell Editor Popups

JVx' standard behavior for starting cell editing is a double click on the table cell. The double click opens the editor and allows typing. If the cell contains a linked cell editor or date cell editor, you have to click on the small “down” arrow to open the popup (also key down works).

Sometimes it would be helpful to open the popup immediately with the first click, or maybe with second click, on the cell.

The following example configures a “standard” linked cell editor:

UILinkedCellEditor lceLogLevel = new UILinkedCellEditor();
lceLogLevel.setLinkReference(new ReferenceDefinition(new String[] {"LOGLEVEL"}, 
                                                     new String[] {"LEVEL"}));
//open popup automatically
//open on first click

The popup will be opened immediately after the first click on the cell.

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