Trace: Slider button


Slider button

A standard button performs an action on click/press. Sometimes it's nice to use a standard button as “confirmation button”. In this case it's better to use a slider button. Our standard implementation offers such styling variant:

Simply set:

Style.addStyleNames(button, "f_slide");

and your button will look and act like a slider:

If you slide to the right, the slider will show a check image and it's not possible to use it again:

If you want to use it multiple times, simple set:

Style.addStyleNames(button, "f_slide_reset");

In this case, double press will reset the slider and it will be possible to use it again.

In special cases it's useful to reset the button automatically. To do this, just set:

Style.addStyleNames(button, "f_slide_auto_reset");
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