Set Frame Title of Workscreen

A workscreen doesn't have a title and it doesn't know the layout of the application which means that it doesn't know if it will be shown as window (internal frame) or embedded as simple panel or something else. The application handles the whole layout.

But it's possible to change the title of the window. You have different options:

  • It's always possible to search the parent frame via getParent() in a loop
  • Another solution will be the application class
    public void onShow() throws Throwable
        IContainer con = ((ProjX)getApplication()).getContainer(this);
        if (con instanceof IInternalFrame)
            ((IInternalFrame)con).setTitle("My workscreen title");

    If your application or workscreen manager doesn't use frames, nothing will happen.

  • The recommended solution is using a DataSourceWorkScreen as super class of your workscreen. The DataSourceWorkScreen contains methods like setTitle. So it's super simple to call:
    setTitle("My workscreen title");

    The code behind this method is:

    ProjX projx = getApplication();
    String sNewTitle = pTitle;
    if (sNewTitle == null)
        //null sets default title
        sNewTitle = projx.getTitle(this);
    IContainer cont = projx.getContainer(this);
    if (cont == null)
        sTempTitle = sNewTitle;
        projx.getWorkScreenManager().setTitle(cont, sNewTitle);
        sTempTitle = null;

    It supports setting the title before the screen was added.

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