Trace: Using Raw Values


Using Raw Values

If you're creating RTF reports with RtfWorker, it's sometimes useful to directly write RTF syntax. This can be useful if you need a feature which it's not already implemented. Such a raw value can help you in that case.

Here's a short example which creates a simple checkbox with Wingdings font:

Bean bean = new Bean();
bean.put("CHECKBOX", new RawStringValue("{\\field{\\*\\fldinst SYMBOL 254 \\\\f \"Wingdings\" \\\\s 11}{\\fldrslt\\f10\\fs22}}")); 
BeanNode node = new BeanNode(bean);
RtfWorker w = new RtfWorker();
w.saveDocument(new FileOutputStream(getTempOutputFile("result_rawvalues.rtf")));

The template only contains:

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