Replacing Standard Insert Method of NavigationTable

The NavigationTable has buttons for insert/update/delete and other standard functionality. You can replace standard functionality with your own methods, e.g., load a zip file and insert records parsed from the archive - instead of inserting a new, empty, record.

Here's an example screen (AddOns from VisionX):

If the user is pressing the + button beside the table, an open file dialog should appear, like this one:

After selecting a file, the file should be parsed and a new record with parsed information should be inserted in the table. The parsing will be done in a server-side method and the return value of the method will be inserted.

How is This Possible?

First, configure the databook:

rdbAddOns.eventAfterInserting().addListener(this, "doCancelInsert");
public void doCancelInsert() throws ModelException

Don't insert new records.

Configure the NavigationTable:

navAddOns = new NavigationTable();
navAddOns.eventInsert().addListener(this, "doNewAddOn");
public void doNewAddOn() throws Throwable
    getApplication().getLauncher().getFileHandle(this, "doInsertAddOn");
public void doInsertAddOn(IFileHandle pFileHandle) throws Throwable
    String sName = (String)getConnection().callAction("parseZip", pFileHandle);
        rdbAddOns.setValue("NAME", sName);

It also would be possible to use a custom storage implementation and simply do a reload:

public void doInsertAddOn(IFileHandle pFileHandle) throws Throwable
    String sObjName = rdbAddOns.getName();
    getConnection().call(sObjName, "insertArchive", pFileHandle);

The storage implementation could load all AddOns from the filesystem and not from the database.

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