Configuring Timeouts for Vaadin UI

A JVx application has custom timeouts for master and sub session. The timeouts won't work if you use Vaadin UI because a web application uses http session timeout. The Vaadin documentation contains information about Session Timeout After User Inactivity.

Our WebApplicationSetup implementation overrules the session timeout properties of config.xml by setting:

launcher.setParameter("Application.connection.timeout", Boolean.FALSE.toString());
launcher.setParameter("Application.subconnection.timeout", Boolean.FALSE.toString());

If set to false, the timeouts will be set to -1 (infinitly).

This is the default behavior with WebApplicationSetup, but it's also possible to configure custom timeouts for master and sub session by adding the timeout constants:


as parameters to the deployment deskriptor (web.xml):

    <!-- 30 minutes -->
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