Control opening work-screens

The ProjX application is a standard implementation of JVx' RemoteWorkScreenApplication. It's the default application frame for applications with work-screens. It controls the access to work-screens and configures the application frame for it's different states (logged-on, logged-out, anonymous user). It's not allowed to open work-screens if no user is logged-on or if anonymous usage wasn't configured.

A work-screen will be opened, if it's allowed to open the screen. The security will be controled by the server-side as well, but the application has some UI relevant checks.

If you want to change the default checks or if you need to execute custom tasks before a work-screen would be opened, simply extend ProjX and change one of following methods

public synchronized IWorkScreen openWorkScreen(String pClassName, 
                                               Modality pModality, 
                                               AbstractConnection pConnection, 
                                               Map<String, Object> pParameter, 
                                               boolean pSingleInstance) throws Throwable

This methods performs security checks and fires before/after events like before open workscreen.

The work-screen instance will be loaded with

public IWorkScreen loadWorkScreen(IApplication pApplication, String pClassName, 
                                  AbstractConnection pConnection, 
                                  Map<String, Object> pParameter)

This is the right method if you want to use custom classloaders for loading your work-screens.

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