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A function is behind the code block behind a task. It's very simple to create a new function because a function is defined as a single Java interface:
public interface IFunction 
     * The current workflow step.
     * @return The current workflow step.
    public IWorkflowStep getWorkflowStep();
     * Initializes the function.
     * @param pWorkflow the current workflow step
    public void init(IWorkflowStep pWorkflow);
     * Runs the function.
     * If the function returns true, the function is fully done, and the workflow jumps to the next step.
     * In case there are more then one next steps, the finish function of IWorkflowStep has to be called.
     * An exception will be thrown otherwise.
     * If finish is already called, it does not matter whether true or false is returned.
     * @return true, if the function is done.
     * @throws Throwable if function fails.
    public boolean run() throws Throwable;
     * Notifies, that the workflow is cancelled.
     * @throws Throwable if canceling fails.
    public void cancel() throws Throwable;
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