Using ImageViewer for Pictures

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Displaying pictures from databases is relatively simple, but time and again, the implementation in the UI causes problems and repetitive efforts.

JVx reduces the effort to a minium. The picture data is displayed in tables, selection lists or forms, and usually no more than three lines of code are necessary.


We have saved a profile picture of a user in the database in binary format. At a different location, we have saved a picture path (e.g.: /com/sibvisions/apps/packung/images/flag/austria.png). We want to display both contents in UI as a picture. The definition of the picture's path requires that the picture is contained in the classpath. If that is not the case, a standard picture is displayed!

Now the promised three lines of code:

//create the image viewer
UIImageViewer ivProfile = new UIImageViewer();
//set the image viewer als cell editor

All controls that refer to IMAGE represent the saved picture or the standard picture NO_IMAGE such as UITable, UIEditor, etc.

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