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 ~~NOPDF~~ ~~NOPDF~~
 +~~Title: JavaFX UI for JVx~~
 +This is the place for our [[jvx|JVx]] UI implementation based on [[https://​​wiki/​JavaFX|JavaFX]].
 +<​html> ​
 +<div class="​idxrow">​
 +  <div class="​idxcolumn2 first">​
 +    <​h3>​Documentation</​h3>​
 +    <div class="​text"><​a href="​window_manager">​Setting a window manager</​a></​div> ​   ​
 +  </​div>​
 +  <div class="​idxcolumn2">​
 +    <​h3>​Additional content</​h3>​
 +    <div class="​text"><​a href="​https://​​projects/​jvxfx/"​ target="​_tab">​Project page</​a></​div>​
 +    <div class="​text"><​a href="​https://​"​ target="​_tab">​Forum</​a></​div>​
 +    <div class="​text"><​a href="​https://​"​ target="​_tab">​Feature Requests / Bugs</​a></​div> ​   ​
 +    <div class="​text"><​a href="​https://​​p/​jvxfx/​code/​HEAD/​tree/​trunk/​java/"​ target="​_tab">​Source Code</​a></​div> ​               ​
 +  </​div>​
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