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 ~~Title: Loop a list~~ ~~Title: Loop a list~~
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 {{:​workflow:​example:​loop_a_list.png?​nolink|}} {{:​workflow:​example:​loop_a_list.png?​nolink|}}
-The first step deletes all records of a heroes database table.+The first step (Delete Statement) ​deletes all records of a heroes database table. The next step (REST Get) loads a list of Heroes from an example [[https://​admin:​​heroes/​services/​rest/​Heroes/​HeroesWorkScreen/​data/​heroes|REST service]]. The service returns a JSON array of heroes with ID and NAME as attributes, e.g.: 
 +<file json> 
 + ​{"​ID":​1,"​NAME":"​Superman"​},​ 
 + ​{"​ID":​2,"​NAME":"​Batman"​},​ 
 + ​{"​ID":​4,"​NAME":"​Rambo (John)"​},​ 
 + ​{"​ID":​5,"​NAME":"​Captain America"​},​ 
 + ​{"​ID":​6,"​NAME":"​Wolverine (X-Men)"​} 
 +and stores the list in a variable with the name **Heroes**. The Loop List step iterates all **Heroes** and continues as long as there are entries. If all entries were processed, the final step (Client Call) will be executed to reload the client application.
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