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-~~Title: JVx for mobile ​devices~~
 ~~NOPDF~~ ~~NOPDF~~
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   <div class="​idxcolumn first">​   <div class="​idxcolumn first">​
     <​h3>​General</​h3>​     <​h3>​General</​h3>​
-    <div class="​text"><​a href="custom_function">Custom function</​a></​div>​ +    <div class="​text"><​a href="analyzer_factory">Analyzer Factory</​a></​div>​ 
-    <div class="​text"><​a href="rest_api">REST API</​a></​div>​+    <div class="​text"><​a href="osm_googlemap">OpenStreet vs. Google Map</​a></​div> ​   
   </​div>​   </​div>​
   <div class="​idxcolumn2max">&​nbsp;</​div>​   <div class="​idxcolumn2max">&​nbsp;</​div>​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​
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