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Our mission

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We want JVx to become THE OpenSource Java Framework for the development of multi tier database applications. In addition, it should remain manageable und should not be dependent on other frameworks.

JVx Capabilities

  • Easy development of database applications without having to mix different frameworks
  • Business logic only has to be created once, and can then be used with various client technologies (Android, iPhone, Ajax, .NET, …)
  • Interchangeable GUI technologies (Swing, SWT, Ajax, Silverlight, …)
  • GUI + business logic + database access are united on one framework
  • Minimal maintenance effort for applications
  • Expansion of existing applications should be fun

Areas of Cooperation

  • Development at the JVx Core API
  • Implementing JVx UIs
  • Researching new technology
  • Developing new components, modifying/improving existing components
  • Documentation
  • Creating sample applications
  • Promotion (written reports, presentations, etc.)
  • Translations


Software Development (Java, Android, Objective-C, iPhone/iPad, C#/.NET, Flex), Software Testing, Languages, Writing, Presenting

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