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   * Add a custom button to the button area   * Add a custom button to the button area
   * Completely remove the button area   * Completely remove the button area
 +Before you can use your own menu implementatiom,​ set the [[jvx:​client:​gui:​application_parameters|application parameter]]:​ **Application.Menu.corporation.classname** to the full qualified class name of your menu implementation,​ e.g.
 +<file xml>
 +  <​servlet-name>​VaadinUI</​servlet-name>​
 +  <​servlet-class>​com.sibvisions.rad.ui.vaadin.server.VaadinServlet</​servlet-class>​
 +  ...
 +  <​init-param>​
 +    <​param-name>​Application.Menu.corporation.classname</​param-name>​
 +    <​param-value>​com.sibvisions.apps.vaadin.CustomCorporationMenu</​param-value>​
 +  </​init-param>​
 +  ...
 It's super easy to remove some buttons: It's super easy to remove some buttons:
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